Butchered Love

New Adult Dark Erotic Romance
Standalone Novel
Publication date:TBA
Available in ebook and paperback
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Raven Blake didn’t butcher her husband. Or at least, she doesn’t think she did. That’s the problem…she doesn’t remember.

Deemed “Lady Butcher” by the media, Raven sits in the county jail awaiting her trial. If convicted of the brutal crime she’ll face the death penalty. But everything changes when Cayden Dillon becomes her lawyer.

Cayden doesn’t want to represent the deadly female, but he doesn’t have a choice. She evokes a darkness in him that he didn’t know was there. He wants to be disgusted with her, but with each meeting he finds himself drawn to her…desperate to own her.

The forbidden pair fall into something dark and twisted that tests the bounds of who they are. While Raven toggles with reality, Cayden struggles with his inner demons that beg for complete control. Together they will search for the truth…but some things are better left forgotten…

**Butchered Love is a New Adult Dark Erotic Romance intended for those who like damaged characters and borderline non-consensual sex. Read at your own risk.

****NOTE on BU - I started writing this book several years ago, while it is mostly finished, for now it is not complete. I hope to publish it one day. Check back later for future updates.