Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ann B. Harrison on her sizzling new release: RED HOT.

Hey everyone! Let's give a warm welcome to my first official guest blogger(yay!)the wonderfully talented Ann B. Harrison. Today she is going to share the inspiration behind her recent release RED HOT.

Ann: This year I had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas with my dear writing buddy Annie Seaton. After we got the business side of things done we took a little side trip to San Francisco. I loved the place. It is as pretty as you see in the movies.The dipping streets that leave your heart in your throat and the
stunning old homes totally won me over. Fisherman's Wharf was fantastic and we took a bus tour from there to Monterey and Carmel. Our tour guide was full of information and we saw so much that we
would have missed if we had driven ourselves. But it was the coast road that drew my breath. Rugged and raw, I was amazed at the beauty of the area and decided there and then that I had to write a book with this as the setting. It wasn't long before Red Douglas made himself known to me. He is geeky, shy and terribly hot. He needed a strong woman to take control and Rhian just happened to have a cottage along the coast where Red rode his bike to ward of his sexual frustrations. How fortunate the two of them should meet.
Read their story, you won't be disappointed.

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Red Douglas is a geeky scientist. He rides his Ducati pushing the limits with speed to ease his sexual frustration.

Rhian Gallagher is a veterinarian suffering from a long term man drought. When Red crashes his bike at her front door, she takes it as a sign from the Fates. Determined to take the shy scientist under her wing and into her bed as soon as possible, Rhian talks him into a relationship, but fails to tell him her wiccan secret.

Their happiness depends on Red admitting there is more to the world than what he sees under his microscope.

Rhian looked at him with glazed eyes mentally shaking herself. “Um, sorry miles away. That would be wonderful, thanks.” She watched him move with the grace of a cat toward the barbeque and her mind shot back to her lusty dreams. Nothing would please her more than to get out of her chair, grab his body and run her hands around his cute tight butt cheeks squeezing them under her itchy palms. Her body heated and she could feel the blush running up her cheeks. If the Goddess was gracing her tonight, it would be another bout of hot sex with the delectable mild mannered scientist. Oohh, she was getting seriously flustered thinking about it. 
Rhian clenched her legs together and willed away the volcano that threatened to erupt with little excuse to spur it on. She had never had an orgasm without touching herself but she was so damned close it was sending her body into overdrive. Think boring, flowers in the field, a cool stream over rounded pebbles, anything but running her tongue over the stunning body cooking her a nice juicy steak for dinner. 
Rhian tried to keep her thoughts to herself and not act like a weak willed harlot desperate for her next sexual encounter over dinner but she struggled. Every time Red lifted his fork to his mouth her gaze followed it. She panted softly and had to stifle the small noises that rose in her throat. Her skin was on fire and small jolts of electricity were going to all of her most sensitive spots. If he didn't look like he was interested in making a move on her soon she would clear the table top in one foul swoop and crawl into his lap her claws out ready for the kill.
“What did your brother mean when he said 'did I know about you'?”

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