Thursday, January 31, 2013

DD Symms talking about Boarding...and LAYovers...

Please welcome DD Symms. Today he is sharing a little about his WIP, Boarding, which is a prequel to his previous release Layover. Take it away DD! :-)

Thank you for allowing me to share about my writing and characters.
One most on my mind right now is a woman chasing her dream to design fashions for an internationally renowned model, but her boyfriend is discouraging her in the pursuit.
Boarding features Jessie Carter, a young fashion designer making her living creating for a lingerie catalog but she's bored and wants to do more.
Boarding still hasn't been sent off to the publisher but it is a novel that will be the prequel to my short story Layover, published by Breathless Press.
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I've been wanting to write the prequel for many months but it never came together until now. The story opens with Jessie nervously showing her concepts to the manager of an internationally known model who wants to work with fresh design talent and broaden her career and business horizons.
The story takes place in New York City over the course of five days and Jessie fights the tension between pursuing her career and the wishes of her boyfriend Raymond who is not in favor of her chosen profession.

Jessie in New York but she also discovers feelings for the manager's bisexual assistant, a helpful and positive man named Callan.
Raymond is on business in Philadelphia and he takes the train to New York to spend two days with Jessie and tries to thwart her opportunity to create a design to show the model, Veve Rouselette.
Developing the characters has been an enjoyable challenge and it's also been fun to write in detail about Manhattan where I used to visit on occasion and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there five years ago.

I envision developing a full series to include Boarding, Layover, Arrival, and Departure to follow not only the growth and development of Jessie's career but also her sexual desires, explorations, and tensions.
What's fun is that this is a story that excites me because I care deeply about the characters involved and I trust the readers will, too.
Check my site and book section for current listings and updates on Boarding.

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