Friday, November 8, 2013

ALIVE: Meet My Zombies

There are so many Post-Apocalyptic books out these days that I wanted to do a special post where I talk about the zombies that plague my mind, and made it onto the pages of Alive

But first, check out this awesome art created by JN Sheats for ALIVE.  She captured the image in my head perfectly! She is so kickass! Check her out on her Website & Facebook.

I made a list of five random things to know about my zombies!

1. Black shit oozes from all of their orfices. (not actual shit, that would be too gross, even for me.) Kind of like this guy. Great dental hygiene, eh?

2. They don't just eat brains. My undead don't give crap whether they are eating a brain, an eyeball, or a nut sack. If it has fresh blood rushing through it, they'll eat it. 
3. No brain, no game. The best way to kill one of my zombies is to blow its brains out. Don't have a gun? No problem! Stomping on their head repeatedly works just as well. (**Not recommended for pregnant women or those with high blood pressure)

4. If you get bit, you're fucked. I stayed pretty traditional with this one, cause let's be honest, ain't nothin' nastier than a mouth, especially one that has black shit oozing from it. 

5. They smell like rotten bleach. Just when you thought you liked how clean bleach made everything smell. 

If my gifs didn't gross you out too bad, check out ALIVE on goodreads
ALIVE releases November 22! It's getting close! Be sure and enter the zombie t-shirt giveaway!

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