Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skin Deep (Eternal Forces #1) Excerpt

Hey y'all!! My novel Skin Deep is releasing in less than two days…and needless to say, I am FREAKING excited! 

So here's an excerpt! Also, anyone interested can pre-order the book here. <3



“Please don’t, Roth!” Kiera dodged the lamp her boyfriend threw at her. The white ceramic slammed into the wall and exploded into a thousand pieces. Roth stalked across the room. His thick, muscular body pulsed with rage. Hers responded with fear, her heart ready to burst inside her chest. Her back met the smooth wall of their hotel room.
There’s nowhere to run.
Their vacation to Savannah had taken a turn for the worse while they ate dinner at a local diner. A male waiter engaged her in conversation about the woven bracelet she wore. It was innocent enough, but Kiera should have known better. In the year and a half she’d been with Roth, she knew he hated it when she talked to other guys, even if it was harmless chit-chat.
“Baby, it didn’t mean anything. I promise,” she pleaded as tears ran down her cheeks. She knew what was coming, but no matter how many times it happened, she could never truly be prepared for it.
His open palm smacked her face, stinging like a thousand needles against her skin.
“I bet you liked it, didn’t you? You fat slut!” He backhanded her, sending her body reeling in the other direction as pain blasted through her head. “I bet you wanted him to take you back to his room and fuck you, didn’t you?”
Kiera didn’t respond. She knew better than to try and offer excuses, even though there wasn’t a need for one. If she could just take the abuse, it would be over sooner.
“Didn’t you?!” He kicked his foot, making contact with her left shin. Crying out, she crumpled to the floor. With the pain came an utter blast of shock. Roth went into these fits of rage often, but never had he kicked her.
“Answer me! Dammit!” His foot connected with her unprotected belly, making her scream in agony. “You’re such a fat, lazy bitch! I should have let that pathetic motherfucker have you! God knows I can do way fucking better than you!” His words sounded more like a demon’s coming from deep inside his throat. A monster from hell. The words ate at her, because she knew they were true. She was unworthy of someone like him, her body far too large, her features more strange than pretty.
"Why don't you eat some chocolate, huh?" A small red box smacked into her shoulder, the contents tumbling out around her head. "Don't you want some more of your special-ordered, chocolate-covered cherries? Aren't you hungry?" The cruel sarcasm in his voice gnawed at her very core. "I do something special for you and this…this is how you repay me?"
“Shut the fuck up! If I wanted you to talk, then I would’ve asked!” He paced before her. His black Nikes eating up the space beside her head. He stepped on one of the chocolates she so detested, mashing it into the white carpet. Never had she seen him in so deep a rage. Never had it been so bad. He was temperamental at best, his moods always changing, even before he started taking steroids a year ago. His body had always been fast, lithe, stronger than anyone’s she had ever seen.
“God, I fucking hate you!” His foot connected with her face this time. She heard the crack of her cheekbone as it gave way under the toe of his shoe.
Her mind hazed over and she fought back. Not since the first time he hit her had she tried to defend herself. She’d learned submission was the best way to deal with him. Sooner or later he’d get tired of her and leave her be. This time was different. She scrambled toward the closed door, her fingers fumbling over the scattered candy.
If I can just get into the hallway, someone will help me.
She hardly noticed the warm liquid sliding down her face as she moved. She’d made it less than three feet when she heard his cruel laugh. A rough hand snaked into her thick hair, forcing her to the ground, slamming her injured head to the hard floor.
His face came into view. Most people would have found his tan skin, light blond hair, and deep brown eyes handsome. Hell, she used to, but now, as he loomed over her with the handsome face she’d once adored, she saw the true monster within its depths.
“You’re not going anywhere, bitch!” he snarled at her. Silver flashed before her eyes and it took her a moment to focus on the item in his thick hand. His switchblade clicked into place, the lamplight glinting off of its smooth surface. She struggled against his hold, but he was far too strong.
Terrified was more like it. Fear ate at her insides, swirling, knotting in her aching belly.
Roth smirked as he lowered the knife. “Oh, my precious Kiera. This is only the beginning of the things I’ll do to you.” His pearl-white smile flashed before her swimming vision.

She knew it was in that plush hotel room, separated only by thin walls from hundreds of other people, people who would never know until it was too late—that she, Kiera McBroom, was about to die.

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  1. Matter of fact I'm in the middle of reading the arc copy of this most AWESOME book "Skin Deep" and it's not like anything I've read from Megan D Martin in past. It's actually different from anything I've read!! I'm loving it can't wait to see what happens in the end of this book and looking forward to the future one's. (((( ;

    1. Awesome, Cheryl!! So glad you're enjoying it! Can't wait to hear your thoughts! <3