Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fun Facts about Filthy 1-3

As I'm sure some of you know, FILTHY 3 releases on Monday. 

(Yes, I'm so excited that I am yelling into my turtle neck.)
So I thought it would be fun to compile a list of fun facts about the first half of the series. Enjoy! 
P.S. There won't be any spoilers in these facts. <3

1. Faye & Rhett's story started out as two different stories.
I'd always wanted to write a story about a homeless prostitute and really get down and dirty with it. There are just wayyyy too many prostitute books where women are treated like ethereal creatures by the men who pay to fuck them. I wanted to get away from that and get into the gritty life of an average prostitute, but I didn't know how or when I was going to do it. I had also wanted to write a step-sibling relationship book, and I had originally planned to write one simple short story, but I didn't have a complete idea on that either. Then one day, after I finished writing Clinging to Rapture, I watched the movie Stranger than Fiction (which is such an amazing movie!). I'd seen it before, but I found myself sitting down and watching it again instead of cleaning the house(lol). The writing in that movie is poetic and there are so many great one-liners. Of course the movie itself has nothing to do with taboo dark erotic romance, but none-the-less I was inspired and I started writing the FILTHY 1 that exact day. 

2. I had a fever when I wrote FILTHY 2
So I totally felt like this chick looks (like total shit). My son was also sick at the time (he's only six) so we were quite a pair for about four days. But that didn't stop me from writing. The second part of the story just flew out of me and didn't give any shits that I was sick. So if FILTHY 2 made you think that I was fucking nuts, well hey, it wasn't me. My fever was doing all the talking. ;)

3. I listened to the song CRAWLING from Linkin Park's CD Hybrid Theory over and over, on repeat while I wrote FILTHY 3.
I am a big Linkin Park fan, especially of their first CD Hybrid Theory. 'Crawling' really connected with Faye's character for me. She has gone through so much in her short life, and this song made me think of her every time I heard it. 

What's even cooler about this song is that I hadn't even seen the music video until just now when I went to search for it for this post. And it really freaks me out how the video even directly relates to Faye's character and I didn't even know it! SO FREAKIN' WEIRD & awesome.

So anywhooo that's all my fun facts for today. 
If you haven't had the chance. Go and add FILTHY 3 to your shelf on Goodreads. It will be out in just two days!!


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