Monday, November 17, 2014

FILTHY 4 is out!

So I'm totally dancing around my house like this right now.

And that's exactly what I'm wearing. Hahaha! 
Yes, I'm that excited that FILTHY 4 is out. Woo!
I have truly loved writing this serial. It has given me the chance to explore writing in a different way that I haven't before. I've definitely taken some risks with the story as a whole, and I'm so excited that all of you have joined me for the ride.
Thank y'all for being so patient in waiting for this installment. I love all of you!!! <3


The fourth installment in the Filthy Serial Novel.
Faye ran. She was good at that.
She made a choice. Things were supposed to be finished. Done.
But they wouldn’t allow it. Neither of them.
And now she’s back. Twined up in the razor sharp lies.
But lies only bloody the path to the truth…

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