Friday, January 26, 2018

Viole[n]t Obscurity Available for Pre-Order

I am SUPER thrilled to announce that VIOLE[N]T OBSCURITY is available for pre-order on all platforms! You don't want to miss this dark, forbidden, doctor-patient romance. 

Pre-Order Links:

Aaron Whitman is my patient. That’s all. 
The murky words in his skin don’t call to me. 
His twitchy gray eyes don’t make me desire more than I should. 
He’s my patient.
I’m his psychiatrist, Dr. Adeline Violet.
I’m in control. 
I’m fine. 
Why are you worried? 
I can help him. I can cleanse his sadistic tendencies. 
He’s my patient. Don’t you know? 
Maximum security Ward Z at Silent River Psychiatric Hospital for Violent Criminals is our home.
He’s just my patient. 

I promise.

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