Sunday, September 30, 2018


I'm SO excited to share THE TRUTH ABOUT US with everyone. This second-chance romance has a special place in my heart - as it is truly my first contemporary romance (that isn't also classified as dark). I wrote this book based on a dream I had several months ago. I woke up and couldn't shake it off - I just had to write it down! 

Here's an excerpt: 

He didn’t say anything. Instead he stared back at me with his cold green eyes, and I wondered what he saw in me. Was I the same old girl he always knew? Had I changed at all? I hadn’t, I knew that for certain. I was sadder, probably. I carried the hurt I created with me
like a thick sack of bricks on my shoulders. I thought telling him the truth would make things better – butI hadn’t even really gotten a chance to tell him all the things I’d meant to. Which was okay – he didn’t want to listen. No, this new Tyler didn’t have time for me.
Then why is he here now?
“You should probably get back to your cheerleader, I’m sure she’s missing you by now.” I tried to sound sarcastic, but I just sounded tired and sad – pathetic like usual.
I went to duck under his arm, but again he stopped me.
“What do you want from me, Tyler?” The words hung there between us, in the few inches of space we had.
His expression hardened further, the cold in his eyes creating a blizzard that made my skin prickle as a shiver traced down my spine.
“I—” but Tyler didn’t finish his sentence, instead he crashed his mouth roughly against mine, our teeth clanging together at the impact, but I didn’t miss a beat.
I kissed Tyler Nusom back.

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