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Raven McAllan on Love Stories and not Growing Old Gracefully.

Today I have the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful Raven McAllan. Sit down, get comfy and listen while Raven tells us about not growing old gracefully and her sexy new release: Teaching Teacher.

Raven: A few (well a few more than a few) years ago, we were on holiday, visiting our daughter who was having a gap year in New Zeland. (I must say I do the love the way all my kids took time to go abroad, China, New Zeland and Australia are great places to visit.) For some reason the talk turned to tattoos.
"I thought about getting one." (daughter)
"So did I." (me)
"Oh I was thinking of getting you a voucher for one, but didn't." (dh to me)
Two female faces looked at one male one in astonishment.
He laughed. I forgot about it, until our wedding anniversary came around.
My present was a voucher to a well-known Tattoo parlor.
I gulped. I mean it's one thing talking about it, another thing going through with it. I know I've always said I refuse to grow old gracefully, and that still stands but I don't do pain.
So how come a couple of months later was I doing what I call Yoga breathing (think long deep calming breaths), leaning forward in a special chair and enduring lots of tiny pain-pricks on my bum?
I booked the appointment, made sure what I wanted imprinted on me for ever was as it should be. (I wasn't going to risk having I love Elvis or some such thing on me when I really wanted a tiny rose or some such thing…no I'm not telling what I really got.)
So combined with my ankle chain, and often arsy attitude, I've decided I'm not growing old gracefully… not at all.
Take writing, It took me a long while to realize my voice is not sweet and delicate. Oh no… it's hot, spicy and well you'll have to decide that for yourselves.
I always knew I had to write love stories of some sort. Love, in all its guises is a part of each and every one of us, whether we choose to admit it or not.

Someone asked me how I, as a hetero woman could write a romance about two men. Well, a love story is just that. Well no not just that, but seriously, whether you're talking about men, women, both, or lots, if you're exploring their emotions and how they interact, you're exploring their feelings. And sometimes that's love.

Teaching Teacher is a love story. The love affair between two men, from differing backgrounds, but with one common goal. For their love to have a chance to grow and succeed. Do they manage it? You'll have to read the book to find out. To tickle your fancy here's the blurb and an excerpt…


Finding love in a new town had not been in Seb's plans. But life has a tendency to throw you curveballs – like Ruari.

When the new head teacher walks into his bar, Ruari knows he has to have him, and damn the consequences. When lust turns to love, nothing else matters. Together they will overcome, no matter what. Or will circumstances drive them apart?

Have I got you interested yet?

Here's an excerpt… (Adults only)

Coffee or merlot?”

“Er, is either of them a euphemism?” Seb raised an eyebrow. Ruari choked as Seb went on. “Because I’d like a glass of merlot, and I’m fucking sure I’d love the euphemism.”

“I’m fucking sure we both would,” Ruari said frankly. “Not yet, though. First we’ll have the merlot. I’ll tell you a little bit more about my weird and, er, some would say wonderful family. Then you can decide if you still want to have the euphemism. If you do, great. If you don’t, no hard feelings. Well, maybe.”

Seb took the glass of wine Ruari handed over and then pulled him down so they could sit close together. “Surely, it can’t be that bad?” Seb asked.

“I’ll let you make your own mind up.” Ruari fortified his courage with a healthy swallow of the smooth liquid. It tasted of walnuts and spices. He relished the warmth that spread as it slid down his throat. As the last flavor left his taste buds, he took a deep breath.

Seb put a finger over his mouth. “Nope, enough already. Let’s just see where these tingles and hard cocks are taking us. Hopefully not to anymore cold showers. Hell, it’s a wonder I’m not shriveled to the size of a chipolata instead of hot, hard, and throbbing.”

Ruari burst out laughing. “You too? Thank God. I thought I was the only sappy one. I wasn’t going to jerk off until...well...”

“You decided I was a jerk or not? Yeah, me too, so are we jerks, jerking, or joining?”

Ruari shook his head, amused at the pair of them, and had an- other sip of wine. He could see Seb watching the play of his throat as he swallowed. He imagined it was Seb’s cum he was swallowing; he could almost taste and smell its salty flavor and scent. He cleared his throat rapidly. “So in the interest of not causing any droughts, human or otherwise?”

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Happy reading

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