Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Itchy Trigger Finger=It's Early Release Day!!!

So here's the DEAL. I am officially impatient. (Also, Kenya Wright is an enabler, who also said I should do it.)

ALIVE wasn't supposed to release until next Friday…but then I started getting nervous, especially since this is my first time to self-publish. I kept thinking… What if I put it up and it doesn't go up on time? What if Amazon hates it and won't publish it? What about this? What about that? What if the zombies come before then?… You know… totally normal things to think, right?

With all of my craziness aside…I'm FREAKIN' pumped to say that ALIVE is live on Amazon and Smashwords!!! 

The apocalypse came early. That's not a bad thing, right?


I don't know about weaves on the Bad Girl's Club, but ALIVE is only $.99 for a limited time! 

If you are interested in my sexy, zombielicious, new adult romance, grab it! <3

Kenya & I will still being doing our big release day celebration starting on the 22nd AND we won't just be giving away a $100 Amazon GC. We've had a bunch of AMAZING New Adult authors give copies of their books, so we will also be giving away ebook bundles! If you're interested in hosting our big giveaway, please sign up here

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