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The FILTHY Series: Bonus Scene #2

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Quick announcement before I post the second bonus scene from The FILTHY Series. 
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Okay, and nowww without further ado, here bonus scene #2 of 4. <3

Faye’s First John
Faye. Age: 16
I shivered in the cold wind. The shorts and sandals I chose to wear when I left the house two days ago hadn’t meant much then. I hadn’t even considered them as I left the house. The one I shared with my mother and Taylor. The house where my baby was conceived through hate and blood. The house where I nearly bled out while Taylor fucked me.
But that was all going to change. I was done. Done with Taylor. Done with my mom. I didn’t know where I was going. The rides I’d hitched had landed me here. I looked up at the yellowing sign of “Sandy’s Motel”. It hung crooked and a couple of the letters didn’t light up anymore. I didn’t have enough money to spend the night—no, all the money I had, had been spent on food, a different cheap motel, and a bus ticket that for a ride I’d missed.
When Taylor went to work two days ago I left. I finally felt like some semblance of myself again—though I wasn’t entirely sure who I was anymore. But I was alive. I was me. Faye Turner. And I wasn’t going to live in that house with those monsters. Not anymore.
“I can’t wait until you’re all better, Faye baby. We can start over.”
His words from the night before I left made me shiver. He had crawled into bed with me for the first time since he fucked my bloody, dying body. He’d been around, hovering, but never said much after my emergency run to the hospital where he no doubt doled out thousands upon thousands of dollars to save my life and keep mouths shut.
I’d lain there and looked into his eyes. Blue eyes I knew. Eyes I had looked into a million times. Eyes that loved me—or used to. He seemed so sincere, so intent, that things could really be new again. That we could really start over.
For a moment I considered it. I thought of what it would be like. The things we would do. The places we would go. I imagined his loving hands on me, those were the best. Kind and gentle. It had been a long time since he’d touched me like that.
“It will be good, just like it used to be. I promise.” His hands had fluttered down to my belly and I fought the urge to recoil, to jerk the fuck away from him. But I knew better. I could see the monster there just on the other side of that gentle love. The love was just a mask that covered that hideous being. I didn’t want it to come back.
“’Scuse me, miss?” A deep voice jerked me from my thoughts. A guy who didn’t look much older than me, stood a few feet away from the curb I was sitting on. “You got time for me?”
I frowned. “Time?”
He smiled sheepishly and I noticed that one of his front teeth was crooked, slightly overlapping the other. “All the other girls are already taken right now, thought you might be lookin’ for a customer.”
“Customer?” I blinked.
A horrified look covered his face. “Oh, ah, ma’am I-I’m so sorry. I th-thought

wrong.” He turned and started to move off.
“Wait.” The word was out of my mouth before I could think better of it. “You

think I’m a prostitute?” I asked, a giggle bubbling on my lips. It wasn’t funny. Not at all. I should have been offended. But somehow I wasn’t. Somehow I was giggling. It was probably because I was tired. It didn’t matter that I’d spent the last two nights in a bed. I’d barely gotten a wink of sleep.
I kept waking up to images of Taylor. To him bursting through the door and carrying me back home. I had to stay hidden, to get far away—to a place where he could never find me. I didn’t want to know what he would do to me if he did.
He’ll kill me.
Of that I was certain. I belonged to him—at least that’s what he thought.
I chewed on my lip. I was out of money with only a granola bar left in my backpack. I hadn’t thought very hard about leaving. I had just decided I wouldn’t live my life as Taylor’s whore anymore, as my mother’s emotional punching bag. So I left. Just like that. And two days in I was already more tired and hungry than I had been in my whole life.
“I’m sorry, ma’am, the lighting isn’t real good over here. My mistake.” He turned to go again.
“Wait.” I should have kept my mouth shut. I should have let the man go on with his life and I go on with mine. I should have looked back on this moment and laughed that this random guy wanted to pay me for sex. But I didn’t. Instead, I squeezed my fingers together at my belly, twisting and turning them together until they ached. “I am.”
I swallowed. “I’m a prostitute.”
“Oh.” He smiled sheepishly. That smile awoke something in me. It wasn’t

love or attraction—oh, no, it wasn’t either of those things. It was something that told me I could do it. I could be whomever I wanted. I didn’t have to belong to Taylor. I didn’t have to be my mother’s daughter. Not if I didn’t want to.
“You’ll get a room for us?”
“I already got one, darlin’.” He sidled up to me. I noticed he wasn’t too terrible looking up close. He had some acne on his cheeks, but his eyes were a sea green and his teeth weren’t too yellow. “Right down here. Room 110.”
“Great.” I swallowed, hoping he didn’t notice how nervous I was. Hoping he didn’t see that I was new at this.
New. I almost snorted at the word. Sex was the last thing I was new too. “How much for the night?”
“The night?”
“Yeah, I wanna have you all night long, baby girl.” He leaned in and brushed

his hand along my cheek. I shivered. I could smell the stale cigarettes on his breath.
“Uh...” I almost chickened out. Right then. Right when I thought about what I was really about to agree to. To spend all night with a strange man between my legs. Pumping into me until came over and over. Taylor popped into my head, Taylor and the blood.
“You’re killing her!” My mom’s voice echoed in my head and I shook it.
“I’ll give you a hundred,” he cut in.
“A hundred dollars?” Surprise fluttered through me.
“Yeah.” He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine so quickly I didn’t

have time to flinch away. His lips were different, smaller, less firm than Taylor’s. I didn’t like them, but I didn’t dislike them either. They were just lips that had touched mine. Lips that didn’t belong to Taylor.
Something about that reality shuttered through me and made me feel alive for the first time in over a year. I didn’t have to belong to him. I didn’t have to belong to anyone.
“It will just be sex right?” I glanced around. “With you?”
“Yeah, baby girl.” He wrapped an arm around my waist. “Just me all night.”
I let him lead me to motel room 110. I let him take my clothes off, strip me

bare on orange, stained carpet. His muddy eyes were greedy as he looked me over. Desperate even.
“You nervous?”
“What, uh, I—”
“Want somethin’ to take the edge off?” He reached into his pocket pulled out

a little baggie filled with white powder.
I frowned and twisted my hands together. “What is that stuff?”
“Blow.” He shook a little bit out in the space between his thumb and pointer

finger. He pressed his nose to the space and inhaled. He rubbed his nose. “You’ve never had it?”
I shook my head slowly. My fingers rattled against one another.
I could just try it.
He shook more of the powder out onto his hand. “Get on your knees,” he said when I bent awkwardly at my waist toward him.
The carpet was rough against my skin, prickly almost, as if someone had spilled something sticky there and never cleaned it up.
“Now just press your finger against one nostril and inhale with the other,” he said.
I didn’t have another moment of indecision this time. I didn’t stop to consider what I was doing. Instead I followed his directions inhaling the powder into my body. The back of my throat tasted the way the Bunsen burners at school smelled during a science experiment.
But I didn’t have time to think about that because he stepped out of his pants and pulled his shirt over his head. His chest was hairy and less muscular than Taylor’s. I reveled in the difference. In the awkwardly done skull and crossbones on his shoulder. The imperfections called to me somehow. My nipples hardened at the sight of his dick.
Or is the drugs?
I didn’t really care.
His cock bobbed there between us, smaller than Taylor’s, but a little bit thicker.
“You wanna suck it?”
I glanced up and met his eyes. I should have been afraid. My brain kept

shouting it at me. That I should be fucking terrified of this stranger who was about to fuck me. But I wasn’t. I felt strangely calm. “Do you want me to?” My voice was even, smooth like jazz music.
“More than anythin’.” His cock jumped when I fixed my eyes on it. Almost as if it knew I was watching it.
I got on my knees in front of him. It wasn’t until his dick hit the back of my throat did I realize that I didn’t even know his name. This man who’s dick tasted salty—Taylor’s used to taste like this after he worked out in the yard on Saturday’s. He would come inside and I would devour him, swallow him whole until he was coming down the back of my throat.
Taylor would be so angry if he knew what I was doing. If he knew that I was gagging on someone else’s cock. That thought only made me suck harder, and try to take more of the stranger’s dick down my throat. It made me pump my wrist a little faster—until I was nothing but a bobbing head and a flexing wrist. Until I was just a body of flesh sucking a cock down my throat. I was no one to the man before me. No one but a good time. A blip of pleasure. I wasn’t this stranger’s Faye baby.
I wasn’t anything.
I was no one.
And he when he exploded, his cum draining down my throat mixing with the

drugs, his body convulsing in pleasure with his hands buried in my hair, I became invisible to the world, to Taylor, and most importantly—to myself. 

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