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The FILTHY Series: Bonus Scene #3

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I hope everyone is doing well. The last two weeks have been crazy as my son started first grade and I started on my last semester as an undergrad (F YEAH!). But things are going well, I have even started writing something new and secretive...hehehe. <3

Without further ado, I will give you all what you really came here for.... the 3rd bonus scene from The FILTHY Series. If you missed the last three you can check them out at the following links: Epilogue, Bonus #1Bonus #2.

The Inbetween—during the six years apart
I let my car idle in the truck stop parking lot. The hum of the engine was quiet in the cold night air.
I shouldn’t be here.
But that was obvious. I knew better. I knew I shouldn’t be here at this place of all places. The place where I drug Faye to my car more than once. The place where she fucked hundreds of men. The thought made my hands flex on the wheel.
Put the car in drive. Leave.
But I didn’t. I continued to grip the wheel until my fingers ached.
It’d been five months. Five months since she left. Five months since she went away and I let her go. Just two months ago I had finally pulled my life together by my fucking bootstraps—with Cayden’s help. Two months since I had been sloshed drunk out of mind. It seemed longer though. Like my fucked up, hazy state happened a millennia ago in a different world, a different time. It seemed farther away than the last time I had Faye. When I pushed her up against my car and fucked her. Since I had taken from her what everyone else had already had.
I was just like them. Like him. My father. I was a piece of shit. There was no arguing with it. It was the truth. I put him away forever just to replace him with myself.
Shame. The same feeling that had been slithering through me for months, threatened to swallow me whole. It threatened to engulf me, until there was nothing left.
I needed a drink. Alcohol. I wanted it. Whiskey. I wanted to feel that burn. It was the burn that made this feeling go away. It set the shame on fire until I couldn’t feel anything, until I was just numb.
I shook my head. No. I couldn’t go back there. I couldn’t. I would lose everything this time. It was a miracle I hadn’t lost it all to begin. Lucky. I was lucky. I told myself that everyone morning when I rolled out of bed to go to work. My new bed. The one in Cayden’s spare bedroom. I was lucky to be alive and to have a job still. I was lucky there were people in the world like Cayden.
A soft rap on my window made me jump. A woman stood there.
Not Faye.
But I knew she wouldn’t be here. Cayden had checked. He looked every day for a month after Faye left and hadn’t seen a trace of her. She hadn’t come back here, just like she promised.
The woman at the window was older, close to my age, early thirties or so. Her dark hair was dirty and matted. Her skimpy clothes didn’t look any better. She had to be cold. It was winter after all and temperatures had been in the forties all week. But she still wore tiny ripped up shorts and a pink top that didn’t cover her belly.
I rolled down the window.
“You’ve been sitting here for a long time.” She smirked at me. “You looking for a good time?” Her breath smelled bad, like she hadn’t brushed her teeth in a
good while. But I wasn’t deterred by this. Not in the least. This was what I came here for.
“Yes.” I pulled out a wad of cash. “Get in.”
She smiled at me seductively and walked around to the passenger seat.
I already had my pants undone by the time she climbed in. I didn’t care that

we were sitting in the middle of a truck stop parking lot. I didn’t care that this was illegal. I had no fucks left to give about anything. My cock felt the same way.
I hadn’t been inside a woman in months. Not since Faye left and I ended things with Sarah. But now it was time. In this place with a dirty hooker. I was ready.
“Look at you, big boy.” She eyed me appreciatively.
“No talking. Suck it.”
“Wait a second.” She held a finger up. “Don’t be pushing my head down. I

hate gagging.”
I snatched the wad of cash off the dash and flipped through it. “Three

hundred bucks.” I glanced at her. “I want you to gag.”
Her eyes bugged. “Wait, three hundred just for a blow job?”
I set the cash on the dash and fisted my cock. “Yes.”
Her gaze darted between myself and the money. Her hands trembled in her

lap and I knew what she was thinking. I knew she was imagining all the crack she could buy with that money. All the drugs that fry her brain until she was blissfully unaware that she was the scum of the fucking earth.
“You’ve got a deal.” She lunged forward, taking my cock to the back of her throat. Pleasure rippled through me. It mingled with that shame I couldn’t shake. The two twisted together, becoming something bitter inside me.
I pressed my hand down on her head forcing her to take all of me. Every single inch of my thick cock.
She gagged, forcing my cock deeper.
Shame. This was how I treated Faye. Like a fucking whore when I took her up against my car. When I plowed into her roughly, and came inside her. Just like this, almost. Except I was paying the whore-junkie gagging on my cock. I pressed my hand harder on the back of her hair. The strands were greasy, sticking to my fingers. I hated the feeling. I loathed it. It made my want to fling her away from me and speed off with my shame.
But I didn’t.
I dug my fingers harder into her scalp. She gagged again, but she didn’t stop. She didn’t try to deny me. She wouldn’t. Not with three hundred dollars on the fucking line.
She gagged again. The feeling only made my dick harder.
The image of Faye popped into my head. Her leg wrapped around my waist while I moved inside her. Her fingers clinging to my shirt. The way she looked at me. Her brown eyes so dark under the alley light, but so full of something I didn’t even want to consider. Full of all the things I could never give her.
I pressed down harder on the greasy head. She gagged again, triggering something carnal inside me. Something bitter and hateful. I thrust my hips up
just as pleasure exploded behind my eyes. “Faye!”
Faye’s face, her parted lips as she came around my cock covered my vision as I continued to thrust into the warm mouth swallowing me. Except that mouth wasn’t just gagging anymore. She was vomiting all over my cock, but I didn’t care. I didn’t give a fuck as the cum squirted out of me. It seemed to be drug from somewhere deep inside me, pulled from the darkest spaces of my subconscious until I was completely empty, vacant of all the shame, the pleasure. Life.
She pulled back and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. I expected her to be mad that I fucked her face until she vomited all over my cock. I wasn’t even sorry that her eyes were watering. Monster.
“You know Faye?”
Her words startled me and stopped me as I reached for the towel in my gym bag. “What?”
“Shauna will be worried about me.”
The memory of Faye and I in the car that day I took her to the doctor practically two years ago flashed into my head.
“Faye. Do you know her? I’m Shauna, her friend. I—I haven’t heard from her in over a year and—”
“Get out.” I cut her off.
“Get out.” I tossed the wad of cash into her lap and dug out my wallet. I

threw another hundred dollar bill at her. “Now.”
Shauna didn’t waste any time. She snatched up the money and all but fell out

of my car.
I watched her run across the parking lot. Hate filled me as I watched her too-

thin legs move out of sight. I couldn’t explain it. I couldn’t define the way I felt aside from the hate and the loneliness. I wiped the vomit off my dick and threw the towel out the window while I drove home.
It wasn’t until I pulled into Cayden’s driveway that the shame came back, resurfacing like it always did. And I realized didn’t hate Shauna. I hated myself. 

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