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The FILTHY Series: Bonus Scene #4

Here it is. The final part of the bonus scenes included in the full FILTHY series. I hope you enjoy this last little piece of Taylor's mind. 
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The Very End
Taylor. Age: 72
It was dark. Late. The only light was the bright fluorescent one out in the hall. The same light that was on every night. The same light that had been my night light for nearly twenty-four years. That’s how long I’d been in prison.
I used to think I’d get out. That’d I’d end up back in my life. Back with my Faye baby. But no appeals court would touch my case. No one would consider that I was innocent. And I was innocent. Everyone who thought I was guilty was wrong. Faye might have been a child, but she was mine and she loved me— each and every time I touched her she loved me more and I her.
I’d had a lot of time to think about it. To consider the reality of the things I had done. I was a bad man, even I could own up to that. I had laundered money, done dirty things that made me rich and successful. But loving Faye wasn’t on that list. Loving her was the good thing in my life. The highlight of the darkness that had been smeared across my world.
My cock pressed hard against the fabric of my uniform. I reached in my pants and pulled it out. Joe, my roommate who slept on the bottom bunk had been taken to solitary confinement earlier today, so I was alone with my thoughts and my cock.
The image of Faye from so many years ago, jumped into my mind. It was always her. She was the only woman I thought about—even after all these years. It was late one night when I got home from work. I’d been gone for a week or more on business. A trip where I had to deal with some fucked up shit. I was fucking exhausted but I needed to see Faye. She was the one redeeming thing in my world that made it worth living.
I remembered pushing open the door to her room. She was lying in her bed wearing her purple nightgown. That one was my favorite, my cock jumped to life at the sight of her in it. I’d bought it for her just a few months before for her thirteenth birthday. I took a step inside and closed the door behind me quietly.
“Daddy?” she whispered and my cock throbbed harder as I spun around. “I’m home, Faye baby.”
“I missed you, daddy.”
I stroked my cock in my hand, coming out of the memory at those words.
miss you, daddy.” My dick erupted shooting cum all over my belly. That’s as far as I ever got in the memory before I came. I didn’t even have to think about how I bent her over that night and fucked her or the way she whispered how much she loved me after.
I released my softening cock and sighed. It was always the same. “I miss you, Faye baby.”
“Do you?”
I jumped at the sound of the voice right next to my head. “Wha—”

“Do you miss her, dad?”
The light in my cell came on just as the thick steal door slammed shut. I

blinked at the bright light.
“Rhett?” My son’s visage emerged once my eyes adjusted. “What are you

doing here?” I hadn’t seen my son since I was sentenced. He’d sat in the crowd alone watching me with contempt-filled eyes. But I hadn’t cared, not really. He wasn’t the one who mattered. Faye mattered.
“Miss me, dad? It’s only been what, over twenty years?”
Rhett was older now. In his fifties. “How?” I couldn’t really wrap my head around the idea that he was here in the cell with me. My own son. The son who never visited me. The son who helped put me away. The son who took my Faye baby. “Why the fuck are you here?” I tried to sit up but he pressed his hand against my chest, forcing me down. I wasn’t strong like I used to be—I was in my seventies now and the years hadn’t been as good to me.
“I’ve been waiting to come here for a long time.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“It means it’s taken years for me to get the access I wanted. To be able to

come here and see you.”
“You could have just come to visiting hours like Faye did.” I wanted to rub it

in his face that she came to see me. It may have been twenty years ago, but she had. She’d come to me with all her beauty and her brilliance. She had made something of herself, my Faye baby. She had become someone without me. It crushed me, destroyed me.
He gritted his teeth together and pressed his hand harder against my chest. “What I want couldn’t happen during visiting hours, dad.”
A chuckle escaped my lips. It didn’t sound as bitter as it felt coming up my chest.
“What are you laughing at?” Rhett’s face reddened.
“Maybe you’re more like me after all. Come here to fuck me up? Beat me senseless?” Rhett narrowed his eyes. More laughter came, shaking my belly. “Well, by all means, beat me up, Rhett. An old man. That’s what I am. You came all the way up here in the middle of the night to beat an old man!”
“I came up here to tell you all the things I was never able to tell you.”
“Oh, good. I can’t wait to hear about your pathetic life.” Rhett had always been worthless in my eyes. Too soft. Too easy. Then when he became a lawyer he was too tight-laced about right and wrong. He was too black and white about the world. I didn’t like it. I knew better than anyone about all the things that lurked in the gray.
“She married me. Your Faye baby.” He spit the words at me.
“You’re lying.” An ache bloomed in my chest. I tried not to think about the last thing she said to me when I saw her.
“I’m in love with Rhett, Taylor. And this will be the last time you ever see me.” Her words echoed in my head. I had gotten good at pretending that hadn’t really happened. I’d gotten good at pretending she didn’t mean them.
“No. I’m not lying. She loves me. She’s always loved me.”
“No. Stop. Shut—”
“She never really loved you. You forced her hand when she didn’t know any

better.” Rhett voice shook on the end.

“That’s not—”
“It IS true!” Rhett shouted. “She never wanted you. She was a little girl! You were supposed to be her father. You were supposed to love her like a father. Not the fucked up way you did.”
“It doesn’t matter.” I shook my head and looked up at the ceiling. I didn’t have to listen to Rhett. I didn’t have to hear his words.
“Are you fucking kidding me? It more than matters.”
Another chuckle bubbled on my lips.
“Why the hell are you laughing?”
Images of Faye flitted through my mind. “Because it doesn’t matter if you’re

with her now. I’ll always be her first. She will always have loved me first.” I looked into his eyes. The eyes of my only son. “It doesn’t matter that you think I took her love, son. Whether I took it or not, it was still mine and it will always be mine.
Pain ripped through me, utter body-convulsing pain. For a moment I thought my heart had ripped in two, but glancing down revealed that it hadn’t, a knife had been stabbed into it. It protruded from my chest with Rhett’s hand wrapped around the hilt. Blood. Red blood. It seeped from around the blade staining my orange jumpsuit, making it look black.
“Rhett.” His name was a whisper on my lips. My son. The man who married my Faye baby. The man who sent me away to prison. I knew even before he pulled the knife out of my chest and plunged it into me again that he would also be my killer. My murderer.
I was going to die at the hand of my own son. We weren’t so different after all. Who would come to my funeral? There wasn’t anyone left. My mother had died years ago and she was it, not other family besides Rhett.
Faye came to my mind as the pain exploded inside me, seeming to consume every nerve ending. Scenes, moments of our time together flashed through my mind in time to the sickening thud of the knife being pushed into my chest over and over.
“My Faye baby.”
“She was never yours. Never.”
“She’ll know it was y-you.” The words were a whisper from my lips. It didn’t

matter that Faye hated me, that she thought she loved Rhett. She would always love me. Always. And she would never condone my murder. Never.
“No. She won’t. That’s why it’s taken me so long...” But Rhett’s voice was far away and I was falling, falling away from the light, from Faye. I couldn’t see her anymore.
I couldn’t see anything. 

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